Saturday, May 19, 2012

HOT!!!! 10 Children's place items for $46.87 Shipped. Saving s of $73.98! Check it out!

Hot!!!! I just purchased 10 Children's place items for $46.87 Shipped here is a shot of my checkout!


I shopped on using the Shopathome website.  used the 15% Discount code of E4H2012 and shopped the sale items located on the home page!

This is what I purchased:

2 Girls Bathing suits
3pairs of shorts
4 shirts 
1 Girls Cowboy hat

Total $53.00 plus $5.00 Shipping = 58.00

Added 15% off Code E4H2012 Discount gave me a total of $46.37 + $5.00 shipping 

Total of $46.87!  That is a total of $4.68 per item!

Total savings of $73.98!  

Not bad for early morning and a 3 year old looking over my shoulder!

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