Thursday, February 17, 2011

$9 for Two Sets of Tie Buddies®: the Revolutionary Shoe-Tying Aid for Kids

Tie Buddies Baltimore Daily Deal

$9 for Two Sets of Tie Buddies®: the Revolutionary Shoe-Tying Aid for Kids

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About the Deal

With all the Velcro and slip-on shoes available, kids are learning to tie their shoes a lot later. Don’t be frustrated … get Tie Buddies!
Designed and tested by mom Wendy Welling, Tie Buddies offers a revolutionary and fun way for kids to learn to tie their own shoes. Tie Buddies helps children ages three to nine feel the independence of tying their own shoes while quickly teaching them a method based around characters and stories depicted on the Tie Buddies. Tie Buddies' first offering includes one design each for boys and girls, but rest assured: more great characters are to come!
Tie Buddies will give you and your child a little freedom. No need to purchase the easy to slip-on alternatives!

About the Company

Tie Buddies® was born in January 2007 from the mind of Wendy Welling, inventor and mother of two. She kept thinking that there simply had to be a better way to help her children learn to tie their own shoes! Wendy spent months fiddling with prototypes and ideas until finally perfecting Tie Buddies. The key was to create cool characters and interactive stories that help children learn and retain the process and as well as eliminate the frustrating "bunny ears" or "loops" that just confuse children as they learn.


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