Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Battle with PCOS, endromositis and arthritis and The Benefits of Herbalife - My Story

Hi I wanted to share my story of how Herbalife has been helping me over the last couple of months.  I suffer from PCOS and endotrmotis.  These both have caused me to gain weight over the years.  I have had inreguar cycles and acne.  No matter what I tried it was hard for me to loose weight and keep it off.  with the diets I was on even if I slipped just for a couple of days it was like my weight just came back faster then I could loose it.   I also suffer for artithis and this past year it has got to the point where I was about to finally give in and go to an artitis doctor, I did not want to do it because I did not want to be heavly medicated and most of the artis medicines would cause me to gain even more weight.

I started Herbalife right before my 36th birthday. I was the biggest that I ever was (besides being pregant) and I was in so much pain where i could barely move my hands and I would make up every morning with my hands looking like what I call claw women all bent up and unable to move for over an hour if I was lucky.

I started with the lets just try and see what happens approch not really expecting any results.  Within a week I noticed improvement in the morning and went for my first weigh in and measurement sesion and lost 9 inches and 1 lb!  I could not beleive it!  When I first head that the approach of herbalife was to first help turn your bodyfat to mussle and loose inches I was just thinking yeah right!  this will never work for me!  Well a little over 3 months later, the hoilidays and what would say was a lot of cheating, I wake up every morning able to move and wanting to start the day!  I am now getting regular cycles with no pain and have not had an uti.  (which happened basicly every month before my cycle) And the best of all I am down 39 3/4 inches of body fat and 14 1/2 pounds! I am able to wear clothes that I have not been in in almost 4 1/2 years!  and most of all I FEEL GREAT!  (I am looking for some pictures of before but since i never liked how i looked I never wanted to get a picture taken)  I still have a long way to come before I can say i am where I want to be for weight and size but it feels good knowing that I am going to achive my goal.  With the new year here I wanted to pass this along to you with the chance of feeling and looking great!  Please email me with any questions you may have Christihamill (at) gmail (dot) com.  Remove the at and use the a at symbol.  same with the dot.  Here is also a link to my Herbalife site where you can request for access to my site also for my first time customers enter first and receive a 10% off discount!   Click here to start feeling better and loosing weight!

Found a before picture from 2009 here it is and I was not at my biggest in this picture

Stay tuned for the newest picture of me :)

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