Saturday, January 7, 2012

Week 1 Start to plan for Christmas for $50.00 next year! and a chance to win a great PRIZE at the end of this year!

Well the holidays are over and we have had time to clean up and regroup from the hectic season!  Now it is time to start planning for 2012 and making the season a happy and CHEEP OR FREE!  Yes it can be done and I am going to share some steps over the weeks to come to see who can be the biggest saver over the next year! 

First Step is to get signed up for sites that give you cash back or gift cards for just using their page!

Here are a few that I use and love

Shop at home - This site pays you to shop!  Yes that's right get paid to shop! click here to sign up now!

Ebates is another site that pays to to shop!  When I shop I compare both sites to see which one offers the best cash back deals.  Click here to sign up now!

Second Step join sites that offer gift cards for doing web searches, daily spins, surveys, videos and other items to earn points towards gift cards.  Here are just a few will be adding daily be sure to watch the blog for updates!

Swagbucks - Earn points for great gift cards and prizes! Cick here to join.

Superpoints - start for 20 daily spins then increase you chances for more daily spins for the more friends you refer! Click here to join.  

Here is a something to get you started with earning free money and gift cards stay tuned to daily updates and new pages this week to help you get started with tracking and managing your earns as well as new great pages!

At the end of this year I will hold a special giveaway for the person who spends the least cash out of pocket! stay tuned! 

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