Thursday, January 27, 2011

$15 for $30 Worth of Chocolates from 5th Avenue Chocolatiere

$15 for $30 Worth of Chocolates from 5th Avenue Chocolatiere

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About the Deal

Face it: it's chocolate. No matter how much willpower or self-control you bring as backup, chocolate is going to win the fight. Since you already know you'll succumb to the temptation, why not at least succumb to the best chocolate out there?
For almost four decades, the masters at 5th Avenue Chocolatiere have made the finest pure, 100% Belgian chocolates, using superb ingredients. In addition to their signature cocoa-covered truffles, they create assortments with nuts and cremes, a variety of chocolate-covered fruit, cookies, snacks, and baskets. They make chocolates in over 10,000 molds, so there's plenty to love.
Chocolate may win the battle. But it's chocolate from 5th Avenue Chocolatiere, so ask yourself: who's the real winner here?

About the Company

5th Avenue Chocolatiere is a 37-year-old, family-owned business. They handcraft their chocolates using the highest-quality ingredients each morning and sell them that same day in their New York City and Long Island stores. You'll also find their chocolates in more than 30 retail kiosks in Japan, in luxury hotels worldwide, and in Business Class on Japan Airlines.


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