Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hop aboard the Mommy Loves Saving Coupon Train!

Mommy Loves Saving is starting a coupon train!

Have extra coupons that you will never use?

Put them to good use and hop aboard the coupon train!

Heres how it is going to work 

I will be holding open signups for the train or trains (depending on the number of people that sign up)

The first train (s) will leave sometime by the end of the month

I will post a private list of names and address on Google docs for the people that have joined 

When you receive the envelope go through the coupons and take the ones you want add others and post on my wall that the train has left and the next person will be receiving it shortly :)

To sign up for the train go to Mommyloves Saving DelawarectyPA page and send an email with your name and address!

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