Monday, January 17, 2011

204 Songs for kids just $12.00!


Twin Sisters: Learn & Play

Twin Sisters was born out of a love for children and seeing the wonderful look of pride on their faces when they have mastered a concept, and have had fun doing it! This collection of interactive music, books, and puzzles for babies, toddlers and young children makes learning fun and effective. From silly tunes and farm-themed puzzles to activity books and alphabet songs, these adorable, fun-filled sets are perfect for playtime and essential for young learners.

-102 Songs For Kids: Over three hours of traditional and original children’s songs on three CDs teach colors, shapes, letters, numbers, manners and more! Printable lyrics included.
-102 Silly Songs: With this three CD set, everyone will know it’s silly time! Do your ears hang Low? Can you tie them in a bow?

There are other great puzzles, books and songs for this great price!

Check it out today! 

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