Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Free Textbook Rental!

Visit to order your book the savings will be instant!  Here are the rules and questions posted on their Facebook Page!
  • The same way you get anything you order online... magic. First, use the search bar above to find the book you're looking for. Then, assuming you've liked our Facebook page, you can just add it to your cart, pay shipping and in no time your book will just sort of... appear, right in your mailbox.
  • How does textbook rental work?

    Good question. The short works great. In general, it allows you to save more than 55% versus buying new textbooks. But since we're giving you a free rental, you're saving more like... what? 100%? Not bad. Oh, and it's easy too. Just rent, use and return!
    Rent: Just choose your book. Boom. Insta-savings.
    Use: Study. Get good grades. Use rental books like you would any other book, except you'll feel a little smarter since you saved so much cash.
    Return: Drop the book in the mail (post-marked) on or before 5/20/11. No worrying about selling them and finding the best price, you already got the deal of the year. Congrats! You just worked the system. Visit to print your pre-paid shipping label.
  • Is there any stupid catch?

    Nope. It's catch-free. You'll have to pay for shipping, but that's it.
  • If it's free, why do you need my credit card?

    Just like any rental process (think Blockbuster or Netflix), we need your info in case you don't return the book. But no worries, we'll send you email reminders when the due date is near, letting you know how to return your rental.
  • Do you really have that many textbooks?

    Yeah. We've got warehouses full of 'em. We're one of the largest suppliers of textbooks in the nation, so if you've ever bought a textbook in-store or online, odds are you got it from Neebo. In one way or another we touch virtually every college student nationwide. Ever rent or buy books from the local bookstore? We own over 280 campus bookstores nationwide. In fact, Neebo houses millions of textbooks that are shipped to millions of students on every campus every semester, putting us in the backpacks of college students all over America.
  • How do I return my free rental?

    To return your free rental, visit, print out the shipping label, slap it on the book and drop it in the mail before 5/20/2011.
*Limited supply of available titles. See Official Rules.

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