Sunday, January 9, 2011

Turn your childs name into a song! Now only $10.00

$10 for a Name Your Tune Digital Download - a $20 Value

Click HERE to get this deal from PLUM DISTRICT

About the Deal

Now your kids can have an album full of music that was written just for them! Name Your Tune inserts your child's name over 80 times in 14 much-loved, classic songs on each of their compilations, making listening a magical experience.
"Name Your Tune," the original collection, became a hit with kids and adults alike, counting as fans celebrities including Patrick Dempsey, Matt Damon, Soledad O'Brien, The Wiggles, and many more. People magazine called it the "year's most coveted item," while the Today Show dubbed it "must-have baby gear."
You get to download a digital file of personalized songs that you can burn to CD or put on your iPod. It's easy: go to this page to see if your child's name is among the more than 3000 available. Then, grab this Plum Deal, input your voucher code and name request on the site, and boom: an instant, private concert for your little one!

About the Company

Name Your Tune is a personalized collection for children that features their name more than 80 times throughout 14 much-loved songs. Name Your Tune has been named as an iParenting Award winner (the first time a personalized product has ever been awarded this), and the PTPA (Parent To Parent Award). The company proudly donates a portion of its sales to support Hear Here, the non-profit, charitable organization, which raises funds to cover the cost of hearing aids for hearing-impaired children.

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